@Belthazar’s poem research club for the betterment of everyone’s education: reading マンガ✖くり返しでスイスイ覚えられる百人一首

Thanks for the quick answer!

Hm :thinking: I guess I could try to contact the publisher. They do say in their business statement that they are all about learning, so maybe they’ll be open to the idea. At the same time, I’m always horribly self conscious about my Japanese when I write something formal, so I might take an infinite amount of time writing that email.

At the same time, @Candygaming gave a good suggestion: as long as people have the poem, some explanation, and historical pointers, they are good to go.
All that can be found in the public domain so I can just post those things instead. At the same time, people with the book will be able to also discuss the text as usual for a book club.

… Just to be sure, is the nomination post fine? (I copied it in the OP; see “Pictures”) if not… I don’t know what is going to happen to the book clubs… so actually don’t answer that maybe?


I’m so happy to see this thread! What’s with all the people wanting to start anytime though? Do you guys already have the book? It seemed to me that a few weeks from now would be the earliest potential start date.

If the book is too inaccessible to too many people I would be willing to just go through the poems as a group anyways and do some extra research. I was so excited when I first saw this book in the Intermediate Book Club thread and would love to see this or something like it happen.


I have that same book. I would like to get the one in the OP as well, but it could be a while until the next order for me as well, as I just ordered a ton of volume 1s of various manga.


Well, the operative word is “can” rather than “want” :wink:
Since those who were interested by the book seemed to have bought it already (cf discussion in the club thread), I thought we could start immediately if no one else was interested.
Since that’s not the case, I feel we should wait at least a few weeks, until people like you or @Kumirei get the book.


Is this the book in question?


Yes it is :slight_smile:


Yeah, I won’t be placing another order for a while (probably a month or two at least), but I’d love to follow along with the resources I do have. I can always go back over the thread once I do buy the book and reinforce the poems.

In other news, ちはやふる got me to buy a かるた set when I watched it, so that will be a fun supplement to the poems. :smiley:


Hello, everyone! This is my absolute first post on the forum sections, so, nice to meet you all! I was looking for some book clubs to brush up on my reading skills and, well, learn! I found the intermediate book club and thought the idea was amazing, it’s a topic I’d really like to learn more about, and I’m interested in being a part of it (the reading, research and everything!), so I was wondering if I can get in? (Since it’s my first time, I feel I need to ask lol)
Also, I put 1-3 weeks as shipping from Japan may take that long for me @@ but if it’s decided that we’ll use the poems for now, I’m up to starting rn! (That’s not my decision, ofc, but just wanted to say it since the majority votes for rn!)
Aaaand… that’s it for my post, nice to meet you (again) and I hope to be able to tackle this interesting topic with all of you~!


This club sounds amazing! It’s right up my alley and I would so love to join, if it weren’t for the fact I think it may be beyond my abilities to read, research, etc. Not to mention getting a hold of a copy. I will excitedly watch from the sidelines. I’m interested to see how the poems and their history unfold in the weeks ahead.


Thanks! I’ll be in the research/sidelines camp then :smile:

Next time I get to go to Japan, buying karuta would be one of my goals… I may like Chihayafuru too much

I know there’s another anime (UtaKoi) that tackles the poems; I haven’t watched it though so I’m also not sure how accurate or fiction it is


Alright, it seems we have a lot more people than expected, which is great!
In order to give people time to get the book without destroying the hype, how about starting July 11th (Sat.)? That’s in 3-ish weeks.
At the same time, that coincides with the start of the 2nd volume of Yuru Camp, I don’t know if that will be an issue for people :thinking:

In terms of organization, I wonder if we could keep everything in this thread? I’ll try to get back my Regular status to turn the OP into a wiki, so that people can add the result of their research in a single place. We’ll also need to decide who is researching what poem, I guess a simple table/poll updated every week would work.


Sounds good to me, but if it’s potentially a problem to have yuru camp start at the same time I don’t mind waiting an extra week. (or 2. But momentum D:)

Such dedication. :eyes:

I think having a master post would be useful for this kind of book and process. Maybe having the week’s poems under an extra collapsible so it’s not quite so many single points… Should be easy enough to find a suitable solution once we actually start at least. ^^

If it turns out there’s a lot of discussion we can always create extra threads as it becomes useful.


That anime is a highly modified version of the poems. I have only watched 3 episodes, but those seemed like they were based on myths and folktales. I think watching it might actually be a hindrance if we are going to look at more than the poems themself. It is more easy to remember a bad history (looking at you Jourm and ms. Chou), than facts and names. :laughing:


Well, the first few pages that get shared are usually available via Amazon previews and such anyway.

I’ve started to encourage people to check out the free chapters available on comic.pixiv as a gauge of difficulty / whatnot when they’re considering joining a particular club, and I keep meaning to update the nomination template to ask people to link to that kind of thing in preference over providing page images.

I don’t think non-manga stuff is available on comic.pixiv, but I also don’t think it’s necessary to share more than the first couple of pages for a novel. Nobody is going to read that much for a sample and the text is unlikely to be wildly different later on (I suppose Zenitendou has a prologue with some intense fancy speech that is very unrepresentative, but we do our best!).


Yes, but that’s the thing, there’s no preview on Amazon and those aren’t the first few pages anyway. The publisher has a preview (as pdf; gdi why can’t you just make an ebook then), but it’s different.


You could also argue that posting sample pages is reasonable fair use. I wouldn’t worry too much about the nomination samples.


I’d be interested if there was a way to read it as an ebook:C Such a shame that some books aren’t like that (I’m looking at you, Aria)


I thought that using a fraction for educational purpose would be fair use too, but that’s still against the rules of the forum apparently :frowning_face: so I’m kinda worried about it. Previews that are otherwise freely available are obviously fine, but that does not cover the case of this book (and books without an ebook version in general).


I quite appreciate the willingness to wait of the people who already have the book. I just ordered the book. Cdjapan says it should take between 6-10 days, though I wonder if whatever calculating algorithm made that is keeping Covid in mind. Either way, I’m happy with the July 11th start date, and while I am reading Yurucamp as well I am not worried about the two lining up.

The warmest welcome to you! :smiley:

Spoilers...Poem 1...Not related to club activity. ..Just a spoiler...I was bored....Sorry...You have been warned.



読み方: あきのたのかりほのいほのとまをあらみ

Attempt at translation: Because the thatching of the fall field’s harvest hut is roughly woven, my sleeves are being moistened by dew.

History: Someone wrote this, I think. Probably not a farmer though. They were usually too busy farming and dealing with plagues and famines to write poetry.

:turtle: :upside_down_face: