Beginner (non manga) book recommendations

Hello soulmate :blush: What I find pretty difficult when reading manga is that it almost entirely consists of dialogue, which is often full of colloquial language, contractions etc. whereas in most cases normal text in books is written in standard Japanese. You also have dialogue in books, of course, but the ratio is quite different.

Riiight? :+1:

Regarding 銭天堂, I tried to read it when I was more beginner-ish but failed badly because the excessive use of onomatopoeia killed me… you will definitely want to use the language sheet from the book club when reading that.

One of the easiest “real life” books I can recommend are the にゃんにゃん - Kitty Detectives - Vol. 1 stories. They are written for pretty small children so the contents of the story is a bit silly but if you can bear with that, then you should be fine. The books contain normal text and also a large illustration on every other side or so, to support your understanding. They also have a vocab sheet over at the club.

If you want something that is a bit more “serious” in nature, I can recommend おおかみこどもの雨と雪 which is a slice-of-life story about growing up and finding your own way in life. I found it not too difficult to read, but maybe my memory is blurred, so please check out the preview on Bookwalker, for example (you can find links to all vendors in the bookmeter link I inserted). On the downside, it is pretty long, but on the upside, there is a (imo) beautiful anime that you can watch afterwards as a bonus.