Baby Reflections on attaining Level 4

I started using WaniKani on the 4th of this month. I’ve leveled to 4 in 18 days. It took me nearly half of that time to get from level 3 to level 4.

Up until now, I’ve known most all of the kanji meanings at least, and a lot of the readings. I’ve known probably half or more of the vocabulary. I get the feeling progress from here on out will slow down considerably, and as long as I’m learning that’s fine.

I have 73 lessons waiting for me. I get a strong feeling that the long stretches of time between learning or reviewing is coming to a close.

I started using a few scripts and then realized with the community’s help that the way I was using them would have ruined the SRS system, so I’ve turned all that might hurt my learning off. I will let the software guide me as it is intended.

There are too many words for girl and woman in Japanese so far with pronunciations that are frustratingly similar, but distinct. I’m guessing this will be a theme throughout the rest of my learning career.

Finally, I’ve set a goal of attaining at least level 15 by my 50th birthday near the end of February. I think that’s attainable.


Now that you’re out of the first couple levels, the pace does indeed stay pretty consistent with the constant influx of new kanji and vocabulary. That’s the point where it really helps to set a certain pace for yourself with X number of lessons per day so you can avoid burnout.

I believe in you! Based on your threads elsewhere it sounds like you’re getting into a good routine, with Genki and additional vocab studies.

It’s not surprising level 3 took you longer–the SRS operates more quickly in the first 2 levels. Level 3 is the first level where the SRS operates at normal speed.

Best of luck to both of us as we continue!


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