Average level completion rate? And possible goals

I use human academy. So far its been amazing for me at least. You can take a look and if you have questions about how they do things let me know. https://hajl.athuman.com/lp/online/
That is a link for the specific online class information. You can also just google them and see the main site as well. It works for me because I work in a rural area of Japan and dont have access to a language company for in person lessons. This one feels the closes to that environment online.

The textbook you would use has no romaji. Its all hiragana, katakana and kanji.

If you complete your levels at around 13 days/level, don’t worry just join the plebs in the back like me. It’s all good man.


You’re not alone. And hey, you’re still learning faster than a native speaker does!

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