Audio of 通る

So I just got to the Vocab 通る and the audio to me sounds like pooru rather than tooru. Not sure if it is the quality of the audio or just me. Could someone confirm? Thanks.

Here the link to the Kanji.

I only hear とおる. :thinking:

Yeah, I can see how you might hear “pooru”. It’s cause the speaker is speaking into a microphone.


That’s right. I can clearly hear it’s only とおる。 Not ぼおる。

i remember when i moved to japan and the announcement on the train was 宮原です。オレンジは右側です - i knew it was supposed to be お出口, but i kept hearing オレンジ for a long while, and my ears are not bad.

don’t worry about it, it will pass.


Thank you for the encouragement, that really made my day. Hopefully when I keep hearing it over and over again I’ll start hearing the correct syllables.



seriously? It’s おでぐち?!

I was so confused by what おれんじ could mean. How could おれんじ and おでぐち possibly sound so similar?!

quits Japanese

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Don’t remember if it was on all train lines in Tokyo, but on the 山手線 I swear I would never hear お出口 but always something like オレンジ
Listen to this recording:

or…might this be a Yanni/ Laurel effect?!! :scream_cat::exploding_head:

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At the very least, it doesn’t sound anything like お出口 to me D:

It just took me a lot of effort, but I did hear オレンジ. My ears default to お出口.

:angrykoichi: I hate this effect so much.

It sounded like おれんち to me (as in a contraction of おれうち I think?)

Well this explains why I didn’t understand what they were saying the one time I took a train in Tokyo

I’m guessing it sounds like that because they’re using the accent where G sounds like んG (the nasally, French-sounding ん)

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