Incorrect Vocab Reading Audio for 回す


Sounds like あわす instead of まわす


If I try I can hear it the way you’re suggesting, but I hear まわす just fine.


Same here.


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Figured it out: he’s not enunciating enough for a beginner to hear in isolation with no context words. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


I see where you’re coming from but if it has the same syllabic (which it does) and the other syllables are the same, just assume it’s your listening ability


And this is one reason I’m not learning Chinese


Right? I figured someday, maybe, I’ll try to learn to read it, but to speak/understand speech…:dizzy_face: Certainly not at the same time as Japanese, at least.


Btw, speaking of incorrect readings - is it just me or does 一人暮らし really sound like there is く instead of ぐ there?


Probably not good to ask this in a hijacked topic. If there is useful info brought up maybe nobody will find it.