Audio is different from actual word

The audio sounds like せんど instead of せんろ。

Sounds normal to me. The R row will always have a little bit of a D sound in them based on the position of the tongue.

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First, which person are you talking about, Kyoko or Kenichi?

Second, I agree with athomasm that they both sound like せんろ to me. The らりるれろ sounds are often said to sound kind of like “d” sounds in English.

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I would probably guess they mean Kyoko. That’s the one that to me at least has the bit of a D sound in it.

Me too, but you can never be sure what people are hearing. What a sound in another language sounds like to you can be impacted by your native language, so it’s possible other people would hear it the other way.

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This Tofugu article might also help explain the phenomenon a bit more.

Even comes with a video of Koichi explaining how to make the sounds.

Essentially your tongue will tap a spot that is sort of in-between the English R and D. That’s how you get that bit of English D sound in the pronunciation.

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Right it was Kyoko. Funny thing is that when I say them, the D doesnt come out.

Hopefully you’re not saying it too wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: Does your version of 線路 sound more like Kenichi or completely different from both of them?

When I try to put my tongue in the space he suggests, I end up trilling my Rs like I would when speaking spanish.

Okay… after adjusting, I’m a bit off…

Thanks all for your help

That’s interesting. I can’t roll my Rs without doing so intentionally. :joy:


When pronouncing the ん in 線路, move the tongue a bit further back along the roof of your mouth. Hold it there through the ん sound and then flick it down when saying the ろ part.

I’ll have to practice more…now I’m seeing the difficulty. Even a slight movement ends up in a D sound.

Purse your lips a bit when saying it, like you’re kissing. It’ll come out with more of an ‘R’ sound. :slight_smile:

But, yeah, the more you listen the more you pick up nuances and the harder it can be to imitate them.

I can’t do it. Period. Best I can come up with is the trill using the back of my throat. lol

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