Aria the Masterpiece Home Thread (Beginner Book Club / Aria Book Club)


I think the current pace is good for a beginner book club (although I can’t really judge)

If we move to a dedicated reading group, then we could indeed increase the pace, as @Ioan mentioned.
I do appreciate the conversations we have on grammar, but at the same time, I itch to discuss the story as well…

Oh well :woman_shrugging: I just bought a bunch of books that are available on floflo. That ought to keep me busy for a while.


We should discuss the story too! Just in spoiler tags for people that aren’t caught up yet, and (unfortunately for you) only up to the current chapter. But I definitely think it’s a good idea to also discuss the story.


Alright I’m all caught up. Once I finished my work and actually sat down to read it took me maybe an hour or so. :grimacing: Excited to keep reading on with all of you! :couple:


But did you complete the POLL?


I did now. :slight_smile:


I like the current schedule. I technically “read” the first chapter the day my book arrived, but there was a lot I didn’t understand, so now I’m re-reading a few pages every other day, looking up grammar or asking questions about parts I don’t understand, and also looking up vocab I don’t know and adding a lot of them to houhou to review. When I’m done with that I’m planning to read through the chapter again. I’ve learned a lot so far, and I think as a beginner it’s really helping me get into reading native material with the extra support from the club. I realize that for people who can just read a chapter through once while only looking up a handful of new vocab it’s awfully slow, but there is an advanced book club for people who are already skilled readers.


Just wanted to mention for anyone who’s a bit behind on Aria at the moment that all three chapters have pretty completely filled in vocabulary lists, which should make it a lot easier to read through if you want to catch up :blush:


Also, if you are from the future.


I didn’t read hardly at all last week, just briefly skimmed Chapter 2 so I’m falling a bit behind now, but hopefully I will be able to catch up this week as I should have less going on to distract me!


I found chapter 3 pretty quick, and it didn’t have many complicated sentences, so I’m sure you’ll be able to catch up!


I’m two chapters behind, too, because of work.

It now feels really weird to go more than a couple of days without reading something in Japanese.


I’ve fallen behind as well x’D Busy week last week, but I’ll do my best to catch up!

Haha, right? xD


I went on vacation and reading without the vocab lists slowed me down a bit. But I’m in the middle of three now and it’s not so bad to catch up! :smiley:


Thank you for the push to catch up with reading. I was on vacation for the entire week of chapter 1 and never caught back up. Now I’m in the middle of chapter 2. I may not catch up until next week because life is busy, but I’m trudging along and reading the chapter threads as I finish each chapter. Chapter 2 really is going much quicker!


I’m really glad we managed to pick something that gives some wriggle room and isn’t leaving people in the dust if they just happen to have a busy week or two :blush: excellent nomination from @seanblue!


Things have been pretty hectic around here, I’ve made some progress but am still falling behind. I’d like to say I’ll catch up soon, but I may be starting a new job next week and I’m not sure how much that will take out of me, and atm I’ve just barely been able to keep up with my wanikani reviews. Hopefully once things get back into a more steady routine I will be able to find the time to catch up before you all get too much further ahead!


Hope you’re able to catch up before the end :blush:

good luck for the new job!


I hope you’re able to catch up!

Yesterday I made it to chapter 4! I’m hoping to find time to read 4 today, so I’ll be caught up for chapter 5. I’m reading through the chapter 3 thread right now. I don’t have much to add since I’m mostly getting the gist of the reading rather than fully comprehending each grammar point. It works out this way because it’s less stressful than digging into each line and spending way more time than I have.

I may have gone overboard and bought the entire series…So I want to actually read them, instead of it being too daunting of a task.




I’m still planning to buy the rest of the series, but volume 6 is sold out on Amazon right now. :frowning_face: