Aria the Masterpiece Home Thread (Beginner Book Club / Aria Book Club)


Ah I’ve genuinely been looking at getting a magnifying glass myself! Quite glad it’s not just me haha.


Only 1 day to go!!!


I’m really excited!
I’ve seen people speak wonders about ARIA since forever but I never really found myself attracted to it. Who could’ve guessed I’m gonna read it in Japanese now, hahaha.


I’m definitely super excited! I might end up starting a day or two behind everyone else though, since I was smart enough to start a book right before this, thinking I’d finish before we start, but of course I’ve been slow with it x’D


Chapter 1 is here!


I got my book in time ! :star_struck:


Okay so I spent the entire day since posting this finishing the book SO I AM READY LET’S DO THIS!


What were you reading?


日常 (にちじょう), the first volume. I had never heard of it and thought it looked easy. Was more difficult than I expected though x’D But I think that’s because jokes are trickier for me to translate, and there were cultural references I wasn’t familiar with, plus informalities, haha. All that good stuff.


The anime was insane so I’m not surprised that it had some difficult parts!


I’m not gonna’ lie I completely forgot about this. I’ve gotten caught up in オレンジ and other nonsense. I’ll be dropping everything else to start on this today.

From my understanding (of just glancing at the table in the OP for 3 seconds), each chapter will be read in a week, right? I guess I’ll have to do some catching up the next few days.

Has anyone started yet? What do they think so far?


A link to the chapter-discussion thread is six posts up, if you’ve got any questions about it as you read through.

A bunch of us finished the first chapter already and there’ve been some interesting discussions about some of the more complex sentences and, in some cases, kanji versus kana.

If you’ve read through オレンジ, it probably won’t take you very long at all to catch up. For estimating effort, the first ten pages of Aria take as much time as the next thirty.


Oup, I missed that; I’ll take a look, thanks.

Good to know. This eases my anxiety a bit. I’ll catch up with you guys soon then, thanks again.


I finished it

Err, I mean, yes, I started.


Damn you. :unamused::expressionless:


The chapter or the book (or the series)?


AQUA 1 and 2, minus the chapter that was moved to Aria masterpiece 2. My idea was to read it “along” if people starts a separate group to read the rest of the series (like with yotsuba). But, considering the schedule that might not be a well thought-out plan :thinking:


Yeah, it’s pretty tough. Even if we continue with the series doing two chapters a week, that would still take 34 more weeks. I want to continue reading it with a book club, but that’s a really slow pace.


Yes, I was actually surprised we were going to read just one chapter per week.
Then again, I don’t think of it as a problem if some people read the whole thing by themselves as long as, like, they keep posting on the weekly threads. Since the discussion we had about the grammar of certain sentences was super fun and useful, as long as we keep doing that, I think it’s ok if some read more chapters than what was scheduled. Although I do think we could, and should, be reading 3 or at least 2 chapters per week.


Consider though that many less experienced people are participating as well. It’s hard to find the right balance to accommodate as many people as possible. If we made a dedicated group for the remaining volumes, we should certainly speed up, but for this volume in the Beginner Book Club I think one chapter a week makes sense.

I don’t mind anyway. I’m filling the extra time by reading ご注文はうさぎですか, which is much more challenging. It takes me around two hours to read an 8 page chapter, and my comprehension is much less than I’d like.