Are there any flashcard apps that DON'T use SRS?

I really learn better with just working through sets of cards, rather than using SRS. When I use actual paper flashcards, I make about 50, and try to get through the deck. Every time I make a mistake, I start over from the beginning of the deck, and keep going until I can get through without making a mistake.

This method has worked wonders for me since high school, but I feel like everything usues SRS nowadays. Is there any flashcard app for iOS or Android that allows for this method?

You can use Studyblue. I used it before switching to Anki, but there is no SRS involved. Also not sure if they have a mobile app or not? But I hope this helps!

I think there are a few for android that use part of the anki name but dont actually use srs. 

Back when I had more time I used to make my own flash cards of the most common words. There’s a review mode where you have to get each card right 5 times in a row or it sends it back to the first level again. I found it very helpful.

I’ve noticed that SRS works for me in different contexts, and paper cards in others. That said, i don’t think digital cards of any kind will ever replace the importance of the tactility of paper cards where that method works best.

If I need to do huge info dumps, nothing works better than paper cards. Grammar? Paper. Kana? Paper. 

Everyone has short term memory just because you remember it that day doesn’t mean you will remember it tomorrow or next week or next year. The purpose of srs is to get it into your long term memory. If you review everyday you will trick yourself into believe you actually remember it long term.