Are my numbers off?

Hi all. Ive seen lots of posts on this, a fresh one never hurt us noobs. I feel like everything’s smooth, but are my guru and master numbers weird? Too low master? Eek.


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If it feels like things are going well, they’re probably going well :slight_smile:. I don’t see any obvious issues, and there’s going to be a ton of variability depending on when exactly you do your lessons and reviews anyway.


Nothing too weird, guru and master usually have a similar count in my experience. Though usually master is a bit higher. Still nothing to worry about, you’re doing fine

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As long as you are doing your reviews and aren’t feeling overwhelmed, then you’re fine. Nothing else matters unless you are explicitly giving yourself extra goals.

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One thing ive noticed is that when i get to new levels i still have some incomplete things done from last level, and, i also notice that when i start new levels it’s all the vocab first. Im aware of the reorder, but not sure if it transfers to phone since i have the plugin already in my computer but havent fiddled with it much to avoid screwing up the intended algorithms.


Yeah, that’s normal. Most Level 7 vocab won’t unlock until you complete the corresponding Level 7 kanji, but leveling up is based just on kanji, not vocab - so typically you’ll level up but still have a bunch of the previous level’s vocab lessons left before you actually get to the new level’s material.


Looks completely normal. Takes some time for it to ramp up. If you go at full speed you’ll not get the full workload until level 20 (around there). So it will continue to pile up, just make sure the apprentice isn’t getting out of hand, unless you are fine with doing alot of reviews.

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I only pay atention to my apprentice, I keep below 100

then I do new lessons. if it is above 100, I spend days without any lesson.

not overwhelming yourself is key for any SRS.


**I only pay atention to my apprentice, I keep below 100…

Mine is at 82 right now and i cant ever seem to get it higher than 100 at the oace im going and i switched from 7-10 reviews when i do do them. Seemed mote even.

The first 5 levels are painfully slow, then it gets less slow until 15-16, peaks at 20. There is plenty more to come.

Edit: I did 1-60 in a little over a year, and my numbers were not too far off yours. I wouldn’t worry about it as long as I leveled up and kept the reviews at bay.

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It all depends. I’ve got a pretty low Master count right now, because I recently took a long break. When I came back, a lot of Guru items failed their (late) Master review, but many Master items passed their (not actually late) Enlightened review.

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If you did your reviews every day and got all of them right, then each card would spend 3 weeks in Guru and 1 month in Master. So if you did the same number of lessons each day, and got most of your reviews correct every day, then after a few months you would end up with about 40% more cards in Master than in Guru.

However, this ratio changes when you increase or decrease the number of lessons you are doing each day, or when you make mistakes in your reviews (especially if you make more mistakes at some stages than at others).

(By the way, what exactly does “1 month” mean for Master reviews? Is it four weeks? Or 30 days? Or does it vary depending on the calendar month?)


It’s a numerical interval that happens to coincide with the amount of time humans call a “month.” So no, it doesn’t vary with the calendar month. But I don’t know whether it’s 30 days or 28.

If you do your reviews immediately and have 100% accuracy, an item will only stay in Apprentice for 3.5 days. So depending on your pace and accuracy, it’s totally possible to never get over 100 in Apprentice (which is fine).

Technically it’s based on time, not levels. Since @Kurisanwa already has Enlightened items, the workload won’t increase that much more.

It’s 30 days minus 1 hour.


I noticed a significant increase in workload when I started burning things


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