Balancing between leveling up fast and new vocab lessons


My question is how do you balance between leveling up quickly (average 8-9 days) by doing strictly radicals and kanji (and not vocabs) and keeping the apprentice under 100 so that your reviews don’t pile up?

For some background information:

I used to get a lot of reviews in a day (over 100-200) so I tried to do hold off on my lessons until I have finally reached under 100 apprentice and under 500 guru.

Then I tried to level up within 8-9 days which is GREAT but then I have have like 150 plus new lesson (vocabs) from the last few levels I did because I didn’t finish them regularly.

For example, my apprentice was around 40 and guru was around 350 and I was able to level up from 23, 24, 25, 26 quickly but each time I level up more vocabs pile up. If I do like 20 or so each day, my apprentice goes over 100. So how can I maintain the “100 apprentice” while finishing those piles of lesson because when I finish them they will surely go over my 100 apprentice count.

If this sounds too confusing, “how can I level up quickly while maintaining under 100 apprentice”?

Thanks in advance!!!

You don’t need to. That’s just a rough starting point that tends to be okay for most people.

I found I did well with 100 as lower bound to make sure I was working on enough stuff, 125 soft limit, 150 hard limit. Usually floated in that 125-150 range.


The trade off is speed vs volume. You can increase your apprentice limit like @jerseytom mentioned but you will have a higher volume of reviews.

You can try to increase it gradually and see if you can get used to the volume increase if you want a faster pace.


if you want to go faster, you need to do more work. that means that your apprentice items will be higher.

i’ve been doing 7-day levels since level 13, and have about 130 or so apprentice items. it’s dropped as low as 110, been above 170…

there is a second factor which increases apprentice items, that is low accuracy. improving accuracy can have a large effect on your number of reviews ^^


You can’t have it both ways. If you keep your apprentice count low you must postpone some lessons when the count is high and that delays leveling up. If you want to level up quickly you need to do more lessons to keep up the pace and that increases you apprentice count.

Can you handle the workload that goes with leveling up faster? If you can handle it then you may adjust your apprentice target upwards. Perhaps the 100 apprentices target is too low for you and you should adjust it upward to 125 or even 150.

Another approach may be the drop the apprentice target entirely and do something like 15 or 20 lessons a day and take whatever workload results. If you can keep a good review accuracy with this workload maybe you can keep it up without targeting a specific apprentice count.


I do Apprentice items excluding Apprentice 4<100.

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