Apprentice items discrepancy

Hey guys, a lot of advice I’ve seen on here was to keep to 100 or below apprentice items. Now a problem I’m having is on the WaniKani website it is telling me I have 21 apprentice items but in the app it is telling me I have 76 apprentice items.

I did reset a couple of levels because I fell super behind and couldn’t remember them but now there is this discrepancy and I don’t know which one to believe.

Anyone else have something similar happen ?

Since there are only unofficial third party apps, going by what WK is telling you would be best, I suppose.

I never used the apps, so I don’t know much about them. Is there a way to force a synch or something like that?

Otherwise, see if a thread for that app exists in the Third-party and API sub-forum, to ask and read around if others had the same problem. That way the creator or other knowledgeable people may see and help you.


If you’re using the Flaming Durtles app, I recommend going into settings and resetting the database (second-to-last option). If not, then I second Omun’s advise on checking for an app-specific thread.


The app you’re using is probably populating its data using the raw data of anything you’ve previously done, not what you currently have access to.


Thanks guys. I will try these option. I didn’t realise the app wasn’t official :crazy_face:. I use the Tsurukame app.

I did a similar thing in my app and it worked. Thank you :grin:

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