API version 2 moving out of beta. Sunsetting API version 1

Thanks for your answer. In fact the categories names have very little importance for me…what I want to monitor/ keep track of is my progress… so if instead of the number of kanji at Guru level I need to check for kanji at SRS stageX this is exactly the same.

What I need is to understand how to get the daily status of the SRS stage of my kanji, my vocabulary and my radical. Then based on that I will decide which one is relevant and again we have today 10 SRS stages and with the new version there will be 10 SRS stages so I do not see much of a difference.

The only difference is the change of data structure that impact my ability to follow my progress and for this I am asking for help…

The script helps me build this kind of data and charts

So you see still relevant no matter how the SRS stages are called.
Thanks a lot in advance for any help that you could give me