API super slow recently, what happened?

As of a month ago or so (around the time the discourse switch happened), API calls are taking a long time. http://peterkinnaird.eu/kani/ takes minutes to load, http://wanikaniexplorer.com/ fails to load, and the Android app needs much longer to load reviews, get stats, and whatnot. What happened? Can you try to fix this, please?

https://www.idigtech.com/wanikani/ also fails to load my profile now.

@thakis, It does seem a lot slower at the moment, though I was able to load your profile. Normally, a level-30ish user goes reasonably fast. Yours felt more like a level 60 user.

Them turtles get older every time you level up.

Doesn’t seem to want to progress beyond that for me either.

I uploaded a small change to improve retries when the WK server fails to respond in a reasonable time. It may take up to an hour for your browser to automatically pick up the change, or you can clear cache to force it immediately.

Obviously, this won’t fix the slow WK times, but it may make my site handle the problem better. I’d be interested to hear back from you if this helps (or doesn’t).


It loads now.

You’re the best @rfindley!

@rfindley Is it possible and would it make sense to make that small change to the Ultimate Timeline script as well? I think that’s been having the same problems as the stats site.

Done :slight_smile: [link]

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing!

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