Apart from wanikani what other sources have you guys used to learn japanese?

So, I’m a Japanese beginner and I really want to speak and write the language fluently BUT I don’t really have any resources to help me with that… Could anyone give some good sites/apps/books that could help?

Btw I’m also a high school student so I don’t really have a lot of money when it comes to that part.

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Definitely check out this thread:

Lots of stuff in there is free or cheap too :slight_smile:

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Probably the most useful as a complete beginner are going to be:
this site
Tae Kim’s grammar (free)
On YouTube, JapaneseAmmo channel (has a absolute beginner series)
Some people say CureDolly, but I can’t stand it

WaniKani and BunPro cost a small amount, but not a lot.

(If you do bunpro, part of it has links for each grammar point, and you can start adding them to the resource list.)