Anyone tried Busuu app for learning Japanese?

As per title, I’ve been using wanikani for a while and really enjoying it (though my reviews are now starting to pile up :open_mouth: haha.

But I still need to do the grammer and vocab side of things (goal is to reach N5). I do have a genki book but I just can’t seem to stick with it. I’ve been using lingodeer and I enjoy it but it gets stale quickly and I see the similar types of questions regularly.

I haven’t used busuu app for ages but when I opened it up it looked quite good, seems to be hugely upgraded from last time I used it. I was hoping to use Wanikani for Kanji, Busuu for vocab/grammer and bunpro for grammer (reffering to genki book to understand it).

Does anyone know if the A1 of Busuu (first section) cover N5? Also whether there is actually grammer explanations in busuu? And lastly if this plan sounds okay going forward?

Thanks so much, I’ve already learned a lot from here in my language learning adventure!

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I didn’t but here :

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Really big thank you from the person above and the video, is a great watch. I asked on the Busuu twitter page and they said while it doesn’t line up fully, completing the A1 and A2 should be good for N5!

I did stick with LingoDeer all the way through its Japanese II course so I can’t vouch for anything else. Find a way of reviewing the material to keep it fresh without necessarily having to redo/review lessons (like Bunpro for example) and it’s a breeze to get through. I made my own Anki cards for the grammar points, but you could look them up in bunpro easily enough.

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