Anyone heard of できる日本語 (Japanese textbook)?


I’m starting a Japanese language school in April and learned that their beginner textbook is できる日本語. I’ve never heard of it. I also can’t even find a useful listing on or I even searched for reviews online of it and I couldn’t find any. (Might be poor google-fu, or not.)

Have any of you heard of it? Used it? Got curious enough and found a review (in English preferably) of the textbook? Or have you seen resources for it (and for some reason remember) such as anki decks or such?

I’d love to dig into its material a bit to make sure I cover the basics it covers so if I manage to test out of the absolute beginner class (please let this happen) then I won’t have holes in my knowledge which the school will assume I have.


Is this it?

Based on what I saw in the sample pages, it looks like you’re going to be heavily dependent on the classroom teacher, unless there are other required books. If I’m translating the Introduction correctly, it seems this book is designed to take you through JLPT N5 and the first half of N4 material.


This book was used in my city language school for two years and abandoned after that. As Sakuro said, is totally oriented to be used in a classroom, and it is pretty bad at that compared to the other alternatives in my opinion as an student and in my teachers’ opinion too.


Thanks, @Saruko. That is the one. And knowing about what it covers, perfect! I was just thinking maybe I should just try and learn everything for N5 and whatever I have time to cover of N4 before I go, and that even fits the book!

@madmalkav Sorry to hear both you and your teacher didn’t like it. Would you mind sharing a bit more how it was to work with? What you didn’t think was that good? Thanks!


Explanations were not as clear as in other textbooks, exercises where repetitive in a way you could end acing them without really understanding what you were doing.


Ah okay. Basically it is like a minimal guide that actually depends a lot on the teacher, and without a good teacher the book won’t necessarily help you?


Yes. This is the case for most of these japanese textbooks, being Genki the only one I see useful without a teacher. Actually, with the new Routes option in Bunpro, Genki + Bunpro is probably the best combo you can find for studying N5 and N4 grammar.