Anyone have experience with 国語 textbooks?

Interested in hearing about this from other learners. I’m currently a member of the JET program, and the other day during lunch, there were a number of different terms for different rhetorical/linguistic expressions (表現技法) left on the blackboard, along with descriptions, which I thought was super interesting to see in Japanese.

Since I’m a writing and grammar nut in English, and like having the vocabulary to discuss it in Japanese–and since I think I could probably get through a native language textbook at this point if it’s junior high school level–I was kind of thinking about picking up a 国語 book as a fun (well, fun for me) study supplement.

Has anyone here done this? Any suggestions for ones that might be particularly interesting or useful as a foreign learner? (I’ve passed N2, for approximate level.)

I imagine this has a pretty narrow audience, but if you’ve done this and you’re reading this thread, let me know what you used and what your thoughts on it were!

I have no idea myself, but I’m interested in hearing how it goes for you and/or went for others. ^^

(I’m a J-CAT proclaimed N5/N4 cusp, I guess…???)

There’s this thread

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Oh. You mean that thread that I should have just posted this in because it’s still active? That thread?


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