Any way to speed up the SRS in levels above 2?

I liked the SRS speed for levels 1 and 2, but then at 3 it doubles amount of time between each review. I already know a decent amount of Japanese from when I studied 4 semesters in college. From looking ahead, I can pretty easily do up to level ~10. Is there a userscript I can use to speed up my reviews to get me to that point so I can then turn it off and let the SRS work its magic? Or is what I’m asking for too cheaty?

I wouldn’t call that cheaty, but to answer you question: no, there is no way to circumvent WaniKani’s custom SRS.

(It speeds up the last levels though on your way to lv 60.)

You can check out

for more details on what to do with your time while going to lv 60.


as the levels increase take note of how much vocab is unlocked per level, it adds up pretty fast as you go along and soon you’ll be like ‘huh yeah maybe not so fast for a bit, please crabigator-sama??’


Around level 15, people start to get really overwhelmed really quickly by the amount of reviews they’re getting, so it’s just a way to pace things. If you look around the forums you’ll find a lot of people talking about having to slow down around level 15-25 because they literally don’t have time to do all the reviews.


I’d recommend doing something else between reviews. The downtime between reviews is essential to the learning by srs.

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you can “optimise” the speed to 6 days 20 hours per level, i believe the “ultimate guide to WK” link above specifies how.

myself, i came into WK with some 300 kanji under my belt, comparable to you. i opted to speedrun, and did so until level 23. at that point i was doing 3-4 hours of WK every day, and neglecting all other aspects of learning japanese.

if you want to speedrun to level 10, i don’t see why not. it’ll take you less than 2 months. and it’ll be an excellent review of what you’ve already learned. after that, i’d recommend diversifying your learning, rather than focussing on speedrunning WK.

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