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So I’ve been using if for about two weeks I guess, I like it as a tool, and I get the point of repetition, but I have a lot of free time lately so I’ve been considering going ahead of the lessons (I’m at level 2 so they are pretty easy so far, I thing I get about 85-95% on the reviews). Hence my question:

Does having better score speeds things up? Or does it keep the same pace regardless if you score 95% or 25%? Also, while on the topic, let’s say I’ll manage to stay at +90% doing my whole queue of reviews and lessons twice a day, how long does it take to get to lvl 60? I mean 3 months, 6 months, a year, 3 years? I know it depends on the person, I’m asking about the algorithm behind the webpage.

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You “guru” radicals to get new kanji lessons.
You “guru” kanji to get new vocab lessons.
You “guru” 90% of a level’s kanji to level up.
It takes at least about a year to reach level 60.

To guru is to review an item correctly four times in a row such that it reaches the “Guru” SRS stage.


Check this cool page out. Look for the SRS intervals. That’ll tell you how long it will take to level up. The absolute fastest you can go to hit level 60 is just a bit short of a whole year.

Fastest progress possible
Review SRS Level Total Wait Next Level
Lesson Apprentice 1 - 4h
1 Apprentice 2 4h 8h
2 Apprentice 3 12h ~1d
3 Apprentice 4 1d 11h ~2d
4 Guru 1 3d 10h ~1w
5 Guru 2 1w 3d 9h ~2w
6 Master 3w 3d 8h ~1M
7 Enlightened 7w 5d 7h ~4M
8 Burned 24w 6d 6h -

It’s possible to reach level 60 in less than a year at the fastest pace.


You can read my guide for Wanikani :slight_smile: I give some tips and explain how things work and how to efficiently use your time and level up fast.


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