Any Tips for Structuring Grammar Learning?

This weird looking channel it’s doing some heavy lifting in terms of making grammar structure clearer.
She’s doing a series from scratch this days, and I think it’s tremendously useful to get things right from the start; you could watch the videos following along with any resource.

About Japanese the Manga Way. It’s a terrific resource, specially if you plan to actually read manga or dissect anime dialogues. Among the same lines (and also somewhat of a by-product of the Mangajin Magazine) there’s this:

Finally, I would recommend this as a reference guide.
Side by side with the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar (Basic(Intermediate/Advanced) it’s a cheaper, even more comprehensive, and overall a terrific resource for solving even those obscure gammatical terms you may encounter:


All the grammar resources I’ve used are free ones:

  • I learned the basics by using Tae Kim’s Guide to Grammar combined with the anki deck to review what I’d learned.

  • Tae Kim was enough for quite a while, but recently I’ve been learning grammar via the Nihongo no mori youtube videos for N3 (playlists here and here) and N2 (playlist here). I’ve been making my own anki deck from the sample sentences here.

Note that the Nihongo no mori N3+ videos are Japanese-only, but I think chances are that once you need to know grammar beyond Tae Kim, your Japanese comprehension will have improved enough that might well be ready to move into japanese-only territory anyway.


Tae Kim’s guide is structured into sub-headings for each topic in a chapter, so I take notes on one sub-heading everyday. It works for me because I don’t have a lot of spare time. I suppose you could do a similar thing with Genki.

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Awesome, thank you! :grinning:

Thanks for the reply! Think I’ll start using Tae Kim’s Guide asap! :raised_hands:

Ah thank you! :grin:

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