Any other scripts like the Lesson Balance script?

Recently the “Lesson Balance script” stopped working and there hasn’t been an update from the author in about a year. I love this script and keeps me motivated. I really hate how wanikani levels you up when you still have 60+ vocabulary to finish in the last level. Seeing 120+ lessons, couple with 80+ reviews a day and it is a recipe for demotivation (for me).

Anyone know of a similar script?

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What does it do?

It creates an even progression across radicals, kanji, and vocabulary. It’s great for people like me who don’t do all their lessons in one go. Check out her original post where she introduces the code:

Ah. Pretty certain there is nothing like it. All of their scripts are failing, but I believe they publish them on their github page, so if you ask someone might be able to revive it.

There is a lesson limit script, I believe, if that would work.

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