Any other listening practice source other than Con Teppie?

From all my Japanese studies this is easily forgotten by me, I honestly don’t like it as much as I’d like.

There are TONS of podcasts out there!


Any ones in particular?

I don’t really listen to them much myself, but I have
バイリンガルニュース and Sakura Tips collecting dust in my podcasts library. If you can switch your store to the Japanese one, pretty much all of the recommended podcasts are in Japanese so you can just grab something interesting.

I already like Sakura Tips more than Teppie! Thank you!

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Here is a list of my favourites:

  1. Japanese with Shun
  2. Japanese with Noriko
  3. Let´s learn Japanese from Smalltalk
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There are lots of more podcast out there, but also plenty of other types of listening resources that you can use for listening practice over in the Listening Practice-thread! ^>^

There’s also the Ultimate Resources List for even more suggestions to help you with your learning!

Good luck! :headphones: ^>^

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I reccomend Noriko Sensei podcast

Her podcast is just right for me. She speak like real ordinary Japanese woman on the streets. Many Jananese podcast I’ve tried they are either speaking too slow or sound like an anime girl. (I know some people is going to say “but anime is Japanese”. However, they are not using daily Japanese accents.


I like coten radio which you can find on google podcasts. I haven’t listened in a while but they post regularly and episodes tend to be around 30 minutes long

Japanese with Shun has interesting, accessible Podcasts in slow and easy Japanese. He claims his podcasts are “Genki I level.” I kind of think they’re slightly tougher than that? But they’re definitely accessible for beginners.

Comprehensible Japanese is a YouTube series that uses a combination of easy Japanese plus context clues given through drawings. It is a really good learning experience for low level learners.

Nihongo SWiTCH is one of my favorites. She does podcast style videos on various topics in clear Japanese. Subtitles are presented on the YouTube version of the podcast which make following along easier.

YUYUの日本語Podcast is a lot harder than Japanese with Shun but still geared towards Japanese learners. He talks with more of a natural rhythm and speed.

Benjiro’s Japanese videos aren’t really podcasts, and they haven’t been updated in a long time, but I found them really helpful. It is basically having conversations with native speakers and occasionally explaining words and phrases. I found it useful for getting a better feel for conversation in Japanaese.

Japanese with Noriko is just yet another easy Japanese podcast on various topics.


Thank you for bringing up Nihongo Switch. Really been enjoying her videos!

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Allow me to recommend my former students/friends YouTube. They make “Kanji Tours,” wonderfully appropriate for the folks on this site.
They give a little tour of a different place in each video and talk about it - then break into a kanji lesson complete with example sentences.
The short and easily repeatable format makes it good for listening. Very educational too.

I’m always amused by the thread title; why the shows name was abbreviated like that and with a typo to boot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Teppie sounds like a dog.