Any great grammar resources?

I find Genki slow and boring with too much filler. Are there any great grammar resources out there. I´ve already tried Tae Kim. I liked it, but I hear that it´s filled with mistakes? I have all the free time in the world, so I wouldn´t mind a time-consuming guide, as long as it´s well structured.

I liked Japanese From Zero, but it’s slow (as in each book doesn’t cover much) and it really is from zero. Up to you whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I thought the exercises in the first two books were good though. Specifically designed for self learners.

I also liked some blog posts from 80/20 Japanese, so maybe their textbook is good. Never used it myself though.


My personal favourite is Bowring’s “Introduction to modern Japanese”. But if you don’t like Genki, you probably won’t get much out of it. They are both ‘in class’ textbooks with lots of exercises and tests.

80/20 Japanese is a very good reference book or beginner textbook - but it is light on the exercises and examples that I think are needed

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Leebo is pretty great


It would be pretty easy to recommend you the SRS called, “文プロ” then. It’s interface is very similar to WaniKani and Im sure it’s intentionally made to appeal to WaniKani users as a grammar equivalent. I’ve personally used it for 5 months now and I would say its equally as fun and useful as WaniKani.

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I wouldn’t say Tae Kim is full of mistakes. Some things over-simplified, maybe. If you can handle it, Imabi is probably the “most correct” grammar guide. I guess you could call it the opposite of Tae Kim - sometimes it feels like it’s going too much into detail.

I’d also recommend nihongo no mori as a good way to practice comprehension and grammar at the same time.


Just in case you missed it, this community guide is listing a lot:

As for “great”, I suspect there is no one “great for all” thing.


I recommend checking out Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly on youtube. She has the best explanations of Japanese grammar that I’ve encountered.


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