Any experience with sentence mining?

recently I started mining sentences from shows I already watched and I think it’s going well so far. I’m still in the process of getting to know voracious better to boost my learning experience and I hope I’ll be done soon.

I already created a deck for Dragon Maid and was wondering how often I should revisit the episodes I mined i+1 sentences from.

until now I mined i+1 sentences during my first watch and studied them. then I watched the episode again.

I don’t really know if that’s productive or not so I like to hear what kind of experiences you guys had with it.


I’ve never watched/read the content I mined from again after learning the words, because I’ve never felt the need to do so.
If you enjoy the boost in comprehension, the repetition cannot hurt. If you find it boring to look at the same thing multiple times, though, don’t do it I guess :woman_shrugging:


I used Voracious for sentence mining for quite a while, still use it to watch shows though I just prefer to watch the shows and be done with it now, no SRS to speak of.
I had a similar routine reading, since Kindle will provide also some ways to record the look ups you do for words while reading, and a simple way to send those to Anki too.

Looking back on key points that progressively made me discard the whole activity I could mention some:

  • I used to add every single word it was unknown to me. While reading this didn’t meant much, since the Anki export process was an afterthought and didn’t interfere while reading. But for Voracious, though quick enough, doing this too often added to more time worried on the SRS than what I would have wanted to spend while watching a show.
    I did used a frequency list addon to then sort the words that I would actually review then. Probably if I would resume the SRS I would use another platform that showed me on the spot the frequency of words (Subadub + yomichan will do this for Netflix content) :man_shrugging: … or just limit how new words to add per show / movie (?).
  • Besides that I will recommend you to keep the focus on the content, not the SRS (there were just too many days that I had time for one thing only and would do my reviews and nothing else on those days… I would deffinetly choose different now :sweat:) .
    What I mean is, limit the time you spend reviewing, doing cards, even looking things up in the web about workflow in favor of just watching something you like or reading for that matter. 30’-40’ a day should be enough, the more you watch content, you’ll be seen words over and over too.
  • The guys from MIA community wrote an addon called retirement addon, this will do exactly the same as the burning system here on WK. Just will take out cards from your SRS when reaching a certain interval. I you are picking up words in the most common 10K for example, retiring those cards after 90 days I think is enough. This will allow you to keep the routine on the light side, without accumulating huge number of reviews, and still with the words been repeated enough while they are becoming a “thing” to be recognized. You can play with this of course to suit your routine.

This is of course just based on my experience and influenced on my current routine. I could see how if your vocab was lower than 4k (maybe?) , the SRS will be more useful at making content accessible to begin with… so there’s that :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sweat_smile: