Help with voracious & anki needed

I wanted to start sentence mining with voracious but unfortunately I’m not that familiar with anki’s settings yet.

I watched this tutorial on how to import voracious sentences into anki. I set up my fields the exact same way he did but my cards won’t play the audio nor show the image of the corresponding scene.

also here’s what my reviews look like

Originally my plan was to create some sentence cards with voracious/anki and them export the to kitsun. It’s really been a hassle so far though.

hope anyone had some experience with voracious.

Thank you

I’m no help but how do the process/decks compare to generating files through Sub2kitsun instead?

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indeed, I peeped into the Kitsun forum some weeks ago, but nobody was talking about this feature, is it working?? To my knowledge this is the only SRS app that I’ve heard pulled out something like this, but did they really pull it out?

are these fields supposed to be showed in the front/back of the card to start with? I mean, you could check in the Anki browser to see if the actual image and mp3 are been exported or if it’s a problem with the layout of the cards.

I don’t know if you use / have used Anki much before. So I’ll mention something quite basic.

With the “cards” button on the browser in Anki you will open the template.

Here for example

in this portion of my template for the backside of the card both the “sentence-audio” and the “image” are included. Basically this is how you are indicating Anki what fields it’s supposed to show you in the backside of the card. :sweat_smile: .


It’s in the official launch but the changes made from June till now, I’m not sure. It would be great to see a tutorial someday just to see it in action or how to best set it up.

Here is tag for anyone who wants to see:

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yeah I think I might go with subs2kitsun. it’s kinda draining to deal with anki tbh. subs2kitsun is a bit more intuitive


I checked and it’s not included unfortunately

Well, then you have to simply add that to the back template.


or whatever the name of the fields you created for those are. :+1:

Speaking of…I was hoping for a Subs2Kitsun tutorial and here it is if you are interested!

Though I recall your thread on ending SRS :laughing:

It looks pretty simple to use. Probably won’t have time in the near future but will definitely explore this in the coming year, will be curious on everyone’s experience if they use it.


I just checked it out an tbh I can’t wait to to make use of its new features.

I can already tell I’ll have alot of fun with this :grin:


Are you guys also reversing your cards? Meaning studying the front and back or just one side?

the front has sentences with th audio on and the back only the word with hiragana wich I didn’t understand…hope this helped a little

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