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So I downloaded a file for Genki 1 and 2. But anki wants to give me a set amount of new cards every day. But say I’m into chapter 6. I only want to review up to chapter 6. Can I make it stop mixing in things I haven’t even gotten to yet until I actually want to get to them? Or do I just need to… download chapter by chapter decks or something?

And on that note, would BunPro just be less of a hassle? Like I pay a couple bucks a month and it just works if I choose that path?

If the deck is sorted you can set it to give you the new cards in order


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You can make it give you things in deck order, or you can move the cards you want to study into a new deck (hopefully the cards are tagged with chapter number, or something similarly useful) and still get them randomly. Anki is not super user friendly but it is popular so googling your problems will usually help.

I’m paying for Bunpro and WK, but slowly coming to the conclusion that Anki is better for actually learning things.

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I’m pretty sure there’s a way to suspend cards, so I’m guessing that it at least should be possible to suspend everything and then just gradually unsuspend cards you want to learn as you go along in order to kind of get what you want

Does bunpro even teach vocab? Or do the anki decks review grammar?

Bunpro is not a vocabulary SRS, if that’s what you’re asking. If anything, some vocab is considered a grammar point and that’s it.

I don’t think OP is making the differentiation between SRSing grammar vs SRSing vocab, though I might be wrong.

I think I got confused by this quote from timh:

To me it sounded like Anki was a better option than both, instead of just WK

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You can SRS grammar points, kanji and vocab on Anki (because there are decks for that too). Quality is :man_shrugging:


Ahh, yeah my problem is I just use the web interface rarely, but otherwise I’m doing it on my phone. I use AnkiDroid, I can’t seem to find anything like that.

Why’s that? Isn’t it all essentially the same thing?

Press and hold deck > Options > New Cards > Order


This wasn’t exactly right but that long press got me there eventually, thanks!

I was wrong, it actually didn’t work at all and I am officially giving up. Bunpro it is!

I could write a few paragraphs and descend into ranting, but I’m too busy… Short version, no. My memory is clearly worse than average and WK/BP fixed SRS intervals aren’t working well for me at all. Anki SRS is configurable, thus more efficient and effective. Compared to the hundreds of hours I’ll pour into learning Japanese, a few of hours of learning how to use Anki and creating/organising decks is fairly trivial.

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