Anki Decks; Make your own or use a prebuilt one?

I’m having this kind of dilemma, a prebuilt deck doesn’t guarantee that I’d have the material for every given situation but building a deck is painful work and it’s limited to the grammar I come across.

How about doing both? You can create a deck as you come across vocabulary you want to remember.

Also you can use a separate deck to continue your studies.

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So far I’ve been using both, but combining them with WK and a deck to review grammar it has become sort of excesive.

I used prebuilt decks as I went through Genki 1+2, because creating over 2.000 Anki cards can take quite a while.
Whenever i stumble upon smthg that isn’t in those decks, I add them to a deck that I’m building myself.

If you’re going through any kind of popular textbook or course, there probably are plenty Anki decks already out there. And to be honest, those Genki decks I’m working with are better than anything I could have ever created.

Just going through Anki decks without context like the core ones doesnt really appeal to me, I dont mind spending a few extra bucks on textbooks.

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May I ask? How did you create your own deck? How many fields do you use?

I’m using a self-made deck to study handwriting.
It works pretty well because I can add cards depending on my progress on WK.

I did a basic deck with only two notes. On the front I put the vocab and on the back I put the pronunciation in Kana followed by the one or multiple meanings and other possible forms copied from Jisho.

I use pre-built decks, since I don’t have the time or effort to make my own. The only problem with pre-built decks is often the formatting can be a pain, and they may contain certain items that another deck has (If you’re using multiple decks from multiple sources, as opposed to decks from just one source).

Custom made decks do have a lot of benefits, but I’d rather just sit through the formatting mistakes and repeat words then put together thousands of cards.

Formatting is just HTML and CSS, but you have to type in HTML directly, no editor. → I copy-and-paste, from-and-to, a text editor.

I use multiple fields and *.csv importing option. I create a spreadsheet somewhere else first.

Doing duplicated stuff is not that bad, I guess.

The Real-Time Import add-on for Anki + the Rikaisama browser extension might help cut down the time needed to make decks. I think AnkiConnect + Yomichan extension also works.

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I add words I look up in my jisho app to anki.

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