Anki deck to learn to read cursive Kanji

Hi everybody

I made an Anki deck to learn how to read the cursive Kanji style, so-called 草書体(そうしょたい)because in Japan it’s quite widespread: on product packaging, on restaurant menus, on billboards, and so on.

You can download the deck here

Please let me know if you have any issues importing it into Anki.

The deck only includes 1028 kanji, because those are the ones included in the best font I found online that is available for free for educational purposes, 白舟草書教漢(はくしゅうそうしょきょうかん)

All kanji are tagged with the WaniKani level, so you can only enable those of the levels you have reached so far.

Here is a sample card as displayed by the free AnkiDroid app:


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