My Grammar Practice Template Anki Deck


I’m just sharing a very basic template that I use for when I’m practicing grammar using Anki.
Obviously, suggestions for how to refine this practice is welcomed.

The rationale behind this is whenever I learn something new, especially grammar, I think it’s best to hear them in a complete sentence. But I also want to practice being able to listen to them when they are being used in longer sentences.

On top of that, I want to practice being able to hear a sentence in English, and see if I can quickly think of that sentence in Japanese.

It’s a very basic format. I’m sure people can expand it into things like a Q&A mode. Like, once you’ve nailed these sentences, you come up with statements/question to respond that would use those grammatical points.

In fact, you can ignore the fact that I use this for grammar practices and just use this to help you drill with vocabulary contextualisation.

I’m sure many of you who are used to using Anki would have been able to do this by yourself.

It’s mostly aimed at people who haven’t explored Anki’s features for whatever reasons, but would themselves actually welcome this approach if there is a simple template to use. Someone like Ryouki comes to mind, but I’m not entirely sure myself. Hope it’ll be of use to some.


The downside is if you can’t speak Japanese well enough to try and make your voice recordings. I’m sure I’ve made mistakes too. The point for me is mostly to get used to the pace, I guess. Ideally, these would be spoken by natives with a reasonable pace.

What you can do, if you have audio files that you would like to shadow, you can also place them here. From places like SatoriReader or if you audio-record a line from a VN or a game. So, you can just ignore the fact that I use this for grammar practice, just use this template to practice listening and speaking.

When you see something being bolded, it is what I use to remind myself what I need to practice on, because English->Japanese translation can result in many similar words. It’s a note to myself that I can safely ignore the variations of unbolded words.

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You might try looking into ‘Cloze deletion’ option in Anki.

I used to look into this one: JLPT Grammar from Jtest4you. I might look into the grammar later, if I have reading problem with all the vocabs.

Also, someone in this forum made one for Tae Kim, but I doubt you even need this one at this point: Tae Kim’s Guide to Grammar (Recognition and Production)