[Android] jidoujisho - A mobile video player tailored for Japanese↔English language learners



A mobile video player tailored for language learners.

Hey all, I’ve already posted this on r/LearningJapanese about a month ago. I’ve made some significant updates since then and I realized I hadn’t promoted my application here.

Anyway, here is the brief:

jidoujisho is an Android video player with features specifically helpful for language learners.

  • :notebook_with_decorative_cover: Text selection of subtitles allows for quick dictionary lookups within the application
  • :mag: Search current clipboard and open browser to Jisho, DeepL or Google Translate
  • :calling: Export cards to AnkiDroid, complete with a snapshot and audio of the current context
  • :abc: Selecting a word allows export to AnkiDroid with the sentence, answer, meaning and reading
  • :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: Repeat the current subtitle from the beginning by flicking horizontally
  • :scroll: Swipe vertically to open the transcript to jump to time and review subtitles

And since the first release, I’ve implemented these thanks to the reception and feedback I’ve received so far on the debut thread on Reddit.

  • :play_or_pause_button: Full YouTube support for JP/EN subtitled videos, search and Anki export with audio/image
  • :atom_symbol: (Experimental) Custom Japanese-Japanese dictionary support (tested for Shinmeikai)
  • :jp: (Experimental) Weblio.jp English to Japanese support and full Japanese localization

Here are some preview images of the app in action:

I am always looking for more and more feedback and I want to push the envelope for what tools are available to Japanese language learners, so if there is anything at all – Please do not hesitate to contact me to make suggestions, feature requests, contributions and bug reports via my GitHub, a personal message or a reply.

The latest release for the applications at the time of posting:
:jp::uk: Japanese to English
:uk::jp: English to Japanese

More information on how to use the app can be found on the project’s GitHub page.

Thank you all and happy learning!


I have reclassified this post into
API And Third-Party Apps because this is a Third Party Application.

This is a fantastic app! I don’t really do much immersing on my phone but this is definitely the best option for it. I really appreciate the subtitle options as well as an option for Anki export. I hope that it keeps getting developed further.

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