An extension that allows katakana input

I was thinking this would be a great feature to enable. I know hiragana very well at this point, but I still struggle with reading katakana at an acceptable speed.

So I was thinking since the mapping from hiragana to katakana is one-to-one, could we make a mod that enables katakana input (with the implicit understanding that it will be conveyed to hiragana to verify the reading)?

Personally, I use wanikani for about 1-2 hours every day, so having such a feature would make me fluent and fluid in katakana in a very short time?



Have you tried the search box on top-right?

Well I use the AlliCrab app, and I can only see 5 user scripts there. How
do I get this user script set up on my iPhone using AlliCrab?


You can’t install Userscript to app; however, if you have Android:

Awww, I don’t have android. Oh well, thank you anyway!

For what it’s worth, I think this is a great idea, and the Katakana madness script is pretty cool. I wish it made all of my input into katakana though. I am aware this is technically “wrong”, but it would be a very chill way of reinforcing my katakana on the side.

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It is technically wrong, but Wanikani accepts hiragana for katakana
readings, so I guess it’s equally wrong to do it the other way around.

What does it take to create a user script for AlliCrab? I’m happy to work
on this as a side project if I knew where to start.

Well it takes the same as creating a userscript for any other page, honestly. There’s an API which I suspect will not be of much use for this project. Other than that it just takes Tampermonkey, Javascript and a lot of time.

You can also type katakana in reading section w\o any userscript - just hold shift\press capslock.

Yes, but then the reading is detected as incorrect.

Mikhail Volkov

Oh, i didn’t know. There are some katakana+kanji words, like フランス語 and they accept both katakana and hiragana for answer, so that’s why i thought wani could accept both kana’s.

Still would love this feature in AlliCrab iPhone version. Someone please let me know who to talk to add this? I want to write this app extension!

Oh yeh?


@CyrusS why is this not closed then


Because we fixed it. :wink:

Threads in the API sub-forum were supposed to stay open in case app-creators ever wanted to come back to them, but that gotten broken in Discourse somewhere along the way. Darin worked out a way to reimplement it, so that’s what’s going on with all these old threads.

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