Already studied radicals, any way to speed up or unlock radicals early?

Hi, just started using WaniKani, but I’ve already learned about 300 ish radicals thoroughly. I’m wondering if there’s a way for me to speed up the process early on, or forcibly unlock radicals I already know.
If not, can someone give me a rough estimation of how long it’ll take me to catch back up?

Nope, there’s no way around it.

The good news is that the first two levels have sped up SRS early on so that you can unlock the kanji faster, and after that the study load should ramp up pretty fast as you get a couple hundred items under your belt.

If you know a lot of kanji already it may still be frustrating however, by the time you’re done with the 3 free levels you’ll have to decide if that’s acceptable for you.


That’s a shame to hear, but thank you :pray:
Is there a rough breakdown of how long it takes to reach each level?

The first two levels are artificially accelerated, so if you do reviews as soon as they become available you should be done with them in about a week.

After that you can do one level/week at “full speed” (at some point after level 40 you can go even faster than this but that’s a long way away).

If you go completely “full speed” you can finish the entire course in slightly less than a year, but that’s not a reasonably pace for most people. A year and a half to two years is a more achievable pace.

You don’t have to maintain the same pace throughout the course though, personally I went “full speed” at one level per week until level 40 which took me 40 weeks or about 9 months for instance. Then I slowed down for the remainder to free more time to work on grammar and just reading Japanese.


Thank you for your kind help broski, I’ll see how it goes for the first few levels atleast. :+1:

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