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My old phone needed to be replaced, and I wasn’t able to back it up so today I am in the process of putting all my apps back in order, including AliCrab. So I pop in my API (old one) and the app crashes. I open up again and…blank. Ok, let’s try the NEW AP!. Same thing. So I try the method of logging in, but when I hit done, it’s like nothing happened. Can anyone help me get my account connected to AliCrab?

It’s probably going to have trouble with the logging in part because WaniKani changed the layout of the page where the API keys live.

I’d recommend requesting access to the beta version of AlliCrab. It’s much better than the current release version, with the slight caveat that it could break if WaniKani makes a breaking change to the new API.

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Thank you! How do I go about requesting access?

It looks like the details are in his thread. Quoted here:

Thanks again!

Can you share Alicrab’s link? I can’t find it. I was trying to find crabigator too, I think these two are for reviews

AliCrab is an app. If you search WaniKani in your app store it should show up.

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