Aggregate stats

Does WaniKani compile aggregate stats across all users? I think it would be interesting to see things like a ranked list of most-failed items, average and standard deviation for level-up speed, that kind of thing.

Interesting in a curiosity sense, I mean - I don’t think I would change anything I’m doing, but it would be fun to see. I’d be surprised if, behind the scenes, there wasn’t already such a thing though. It could help identify if particular mnemonics weren’t as effective as others. For high-failure-rate items, it might be worth figuring out the most common failure mode and putting a note in the explanation. I just saw in the forum elsewhere a good tip for remembering the difference between 夫 and 末, that kind of “key points” tip would be good to put right in the lesson if a lot of people are making the same error.

Also, just knowing I may not be the fastest, but that I’m solidly in the middle of the bell curve, not the worst, might be a little helpful with the motivation :slight_smile:


They’d have to do it in a way that wouldn’t discourage people who have worse stats. But I would also like to see these aggregate stats.

As you say, I’d be happy if they do these things on the back end. On the front end, there are several threads where people compare progress and stats (like this one: Accuracy screenshots), though that would’t let you compare progress on a word-by-word basis.

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