After Burn Reviewing

Is there any chance we can add a review to burnt items. Somehow I feel that I don’t remember them. It could be like “the very last review”. My problem with Unburnt is that it goes all the way back to apprentice, and doesn’t feel right to go all over again to these items (I just want one review more, optional).
PS: Sorry for bad english, not native here.
Greetings from Tokyo!

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Sorry, I just read your whole post :sweat: no, unfortunately you have to resurrect it all the way back to apprentice. But if you don’t want to burn an item yet, you can just fail the review on purpose :wink:

Have you looked at the self-study script? You can use it to review burned items too.


It’s okay if you eventually lose recollection of items you’ve burned. Even in English there are words that I might forget because I hardly ever use them. I don’t SRS or study every single English word I’ve ever learned.

As you study Japanese it’s important to consume native content (written and/or audio). Things that appear frequently will naturally be reinforced. If you never see something in real world practice - is it really that important to keep studying?


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