After all (結局) context sentence typo


I didn’t end up make umeboshi.

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You can email typos in example sentences directly to and some lovely WK person will get back to you fairly quickly. It’s probably a faster way to get things fixed than just posting here. (Not that posting here is wrong, but it’s not the only option.)

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I assuming you’re talking about how “make” should be “making” right?

But is 梅干し something that you つける? I figured you’d つける an 梅 to make 梅干し.

Maybe I’m just not used to the phrasing.


漬ける is the correct word to use in this context as it is 漬け物

Yeah, I’m not questioning which version of つける it is. It just sounds like the plum got pickled twice to me. Maybe that’s just how it’s normal to phrase it.

Like, “I pickled plums” leads to “now I have umeboshi.” But if I said “I pickled umeboshi.” To me, in English, that would mean that I took the already pickled umeboshi and pickled them again.

If I said “I pickled some pickles” it sounds pretty odd in English. I’d say “I pickled some cucumbers” or “I made some pickles.”

But I’m sure it’s just a problem with direct translation being wrong.

Or, rather than thinking of つける as “to pickle,” maybe it’s better to think of it as “to make with a pickling process” and then the direct translation works fine.

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I get where you’re coming from but trust me on this one. We used to make umeboshi every year as a kid. I think you hit the nail on the head with that last sentence though. You could also think of it as the end result of the pickling.

Yeah, I’m just thinking out loud.

So does 梅をつける just not make sense? Or mean something different? If you told me to tell you how to make 梅干し that’s what I would say, but since 梅干しをつける is acceptable, now I’m not sure.

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I’ve certainly heard that too. I don’t think it’s wrong, but if you were to say that, I might ask you what you’re pickling the plums in. I’d personally say 梅を塩漬けにする. That said, now that I stop to think about it, I’m not 100% sure of the implications of simply saying 梅を漬ける. I’ll get back to you after the office all collectively scratches their heads.

EDIT: どっちも使う。梅を漬けて梅干しにする。

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