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For a meaning review of 償う, I answered 遣う’s “to make use of,” which was marked as correct because it looks like a misspelling of “to make up for.” This one was actually a pretty unlucky combination for causing me confusion funnily enough, the kanji are similar looking at a glance, they have the same verb ending, and are from the same level. So I doubt these are going away for me anytime soon! :laughing:

償う, “to make up for”
遣う, “to make use of”

(I hope this is ok vvv, just want to make sure it gets seen for the next content update)


Great suggestion!

Btw, this thread is usually a great thread for mods to take whitelist and blacklist suggestions


Thanks for letting me know! I’ll use this in the future :smile:


Thanks, I’ve added both of those to each other’s block lists!


I put in “reply” for 酬 instead of “repay” and it accepted it. This might be a useful one to blacklist too just because the words are so close but on the keyboard the l and a are pretty far apart so unless you’ve actually confused the meaning like I did it seems like an unlikely typo.


Hmm, not sure how many people would confuse reply and repay kanji but I added it to the block list anyway since we didn’t have anything on there.

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