Advice on level for game?

So I had an article come up on my news feed recently that recommended playing an npckc game in Japanese for learning, specifically one night, hot springs. I was wondering what level a complete beginner should be looking at before attempting this? Has anyone played it to have some idea?

I figure it’s still way too soon for me at level 3, but I was thinking maybe at level 10? Or should I be looking a lot higher for that and start with textbooks first?

I don’t know about WK level, but you’ll definitely need some grammar under your belt before you start reading


Never heard about them, but I just checked their page and their games look really nice. The one you mentioned seems very interesting too.

Since it’s available in multiple languages, you won’t ever be stumped, which is a good thing.
As @Kumirei mentioned, you will need at least some basics before you can read native text. An N5 level would get you started, but you will still have to look up a ton of grammar points. If that game was recommended for beginners, I assume it won’t have really weird grammar points, though.
In terms of kanji, I guess something like level 10 or 15 should give you all the major ones and make looking up the rest easier (you will be able to look up by radicals, which is much easier).
You can just look up vocab, so if you don’t mind doing that a lot, there’s no particular limitation here.
Finally, you can always ask questions on the forum about stuff you don’t understand.

As a motivational boost, I’d say to try to play it right now, see how you are doing. Then try again in a few level, with more grammar under your belt. It should be night and day :slight_smile: good luck!


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