Advice for getting back into it

Hey everyone,

Any advice for getting back into Wanikani. I had to take a bit of a break for school and now I have 1600 reviews to do. Do I just fight through them or is there a better way?



The advice I hear is to take it in batches rather than all in one sitting. Maybe do 100-200 reviews in one sitting, do something else, then come back to review. Even if you don’t want to do that many, start off switch smaller batches of reviews, and steadily increase until you’ve gotten back into the groove of things.

Also don’t do any lessons until you’ve brought your reviews batch completely to zero. You’ll end up overwhelming yourself more when they come to bite you in the butt.

I’ve seen that if you really really can’t handle all the reviews, go back a level or so, but I believe that’s for very very last resort.

Good luck in advance! also i appreciate the kokichi icon, it’s nice to come across a fellow danganronpa fan every once in a while


Well, my approach (as someone who has tried both resetting to level 1 and not resetting and thus digging through 2500+ review pile) is to first go through all the items and see how much of them you remember. Then you’d be able to decide whether to do a reset or not - and to what level.

The most important thing is to start moving again. Either you can start digging through you reviews right now or you do a reset. Either way you will be moving. As opposed to standing in front of your review pile, and trying to make yourself start doing them (that’s how I spent most of 2017 before finally realizing that this won’t happen and finally doing a reset).

If you decide not to do a reset - my advice would be: don’t try to tackle all the reviews at once, do them in portions, like, 100 per day. That’s how I tackled my pile.

As you can see, I’ve stumbled quite a few times :sweat_smile:

Anyway whichever you choose, best of luck to you!


Welcome back @jgeraghty7 san :wave:

As Masu san said, take it slow and steady. Spread the reviews over at least 10 days so that they don’t come back in huge batches in the future.

Start with one review at a time :slightly_smiling_face:

Ganbare :raised_hands:


use an app on smartphone and then anki mode (flaming durtles), that’s what I do when I have a lot of reviews like this.

So I dont waste time typing them (I am a slow typer)

Pick a date that you want to be down to 0 reviews. Figure out how many days that is. Divide # of cards by # of days, and you have a target of how much to reduce that pile every day.

If you make say, July 1 as your goal, you’re only looking at bringing that number down 45 a day. Round it up to 50. So try to get it down to 1550 by end of day today. 1500 end of day tomorrow. 1450 day after that. You’ll be at 0 before you know it.

In a similar situation I used the Reorder Ultimate 2 script to review the items ordered by level. I ues small batches of 35 review by review session. When I reached items of level 7 I hit a wall. I didn’t recall enough items to be worth continuing. I reset to level seven and everything works fine for me now.

When I got back into it a while back I just fought through it, works surprisingly well. Do it in chunks a couple hundred reviews per day. I did it during a holiday though which helped a lot.

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