Advice about coming back to Wanikani after years

Hey all!

So I used to study Japanese and I reached here level 12. I had a big break and now I’m studying Japanese full time (aspiring to become a translator :slight_smile:). I know there’s no way to “test” what level you’re supposed to be at like in dulingo, so my question is: does anyone have any advice on figuring out how far back you’re supposed to go?

How long was your break? 3 months? 6 months? a year? Can you look on the WaniKani stats page to see what looks familiar and what is not?

The furthest back I’d recommend is going back to Level 3 - the last free level…
But your ability/comprehension is perhaps somewhere between 5 and 10? That’s just a guess.


Wanted to add, just in case you have any burned items, might be best to unburn them if you are a bit shaky with it.

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Pretty much this. Level 12 isn’t too far in so I think just unburning any burned items and continuing without a reset is fine. I took several big breaks myself (176 days on level 22, 106 days on level 28, 222 days on level 33 to name the worst offenders). I never unburned or reset anything but it worked out, probably because I was still studying outside WK. You said you’re studying full time now so I think it will work out.

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more like 4 years :sob:

tbh I didn’t remember there was an option to unburn specific items. This just might be what I was looking for… thank you :slight_smile:


I had a break of 4-5 years and was in the 50’s before that. I reset all the way back to 8 or 10 around a year ago I think? Tons of stuff I would get wrong on my first attempts, was unable to remember half the burned stuff even. Has been smooth sailing overall but I really needed the reset. Even if you got far if you didn’t use any of it in any capacity for such a long time, you forget a lot, even if it was with SRS. Some stuff stuck and I still guessed lots of stuff right at the start, but I definitely wasn’t a mistake to reset all the way back. Better to make sure you dont misremember lots of stuff instead of rushing to be done with WK a few months earlier, really. After a few months with that everything had resolved itself and due to all the past studying it feels now incredibly easy to progress.

But I see you already did reset

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