Adding Synonyms in Lesson Mode

Most people probably know this, but you can’t add synonyms for items in lesson mode. Some kanji, and a lot of radicals, have very obvious visual comparisons that, for whatever reason, aren’t used as the default mnemonic, for example:

一 and one (rather than ground)
ユ and yu (rather than hook)
札 and ticket (rather than/as well as ‘bill’)
L and… L (rather than lion)

Most of the time I do the lesson for these, wait until they come up in a review, and then naturally get them wrong once before I can add the synonym.

Is there any chance WaniKani can get the functionality to add synonyms in lesson mode?


There’s a script that allow you to do this though.

Edit: Found it!


the problem is that all mnemonics are made with default WaniKani names, so even if you change them, you gonna be forced to create your own mnemonics at later levels. Which is completely fine if it doesn’t bother you.

Since I use WaniKani on a few different devices, including a work laptop, I don’t really want to be installing scripts.

Besides the lesson interface is identical to the review interface so I don’t see why it couldn’t me made to support synonyms very easily.

To be honest, I usually don’t find the mnemonics very useful anyway, and I already know many of the words down here at level 8, so that wouldn’t bother me.

Well, I offered you a solution. It’s up to you if you wanna use scripts or not of course.

Not to say I don’t appreciate it, but I don’t think it invalidates the feedback. Plus it’s not a solution for me personally.


I agree with Malts for radicals. The words associated with radicals in Wanikani are (in my impression) arbitrary to some extent anyways. Whether you use Wanikani radical meanings or your own probably would make very little difference when remembering kanji, provided that you create your own mnemonic.


I couldn’t agree more. This is one of the biggest reasons that a “try again” script is all but required on this platform. Synonyms, colloquial words, other common meanings, etc., are a massive issue with base WaniKani, and supporting synonyms in lesson mode would at least give stock users the ability the work around these problems.


I don’t add any radical synonyms but I do often add synonyms for some of the vocab during the lessons. I do this by simply having a second WaniKani window open, search for the item and then add the synonym on that item’s page.

I do this as well. It’s a shame that the synonyms still won’t be accepted as answers by default before going through the lessons, though.

On Android, I like to use the Jakeipuu client, which does let you create synonyms in lessons and does accept the synonym answers as well!

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