Are synonyms ignored during lessons?

I just did the lesson for 寸暇 and put “free moment” for the meaning, but it rejected it and forced me to write “free minute” instead to complete the lesson. However, I have “free moment” listed as a custom synonym for 寸暇. Are custom synonyms just ignored during lessons?

Note: this is not about adding synonyms during lessons. In this case, I already had the synonym set for 寸暇 due to adding it in the past before I reset.

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User synonyms are ignored if they’re also on the block list, though I can’t think why “free moment” would be on the block list.

Possibly asking the obvious, but when you said “synonym set”, does that mean you added more than one synonym? If you did, did you add them separately? That is, you need to add synonyms A, B and C individually, one at a time - if you add them together as “A, B, C” then WaniKani will be expecting exactly “A, B, C” as a single synonym.


They already had the synonym (noun) set (verb).


Oh, English…

My question still stands, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can see that they are separate synonyms by the fact that the red cross appears individually when you hover over them.

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Isn’t it true that in vanilla WK you can’t add synonyms during lessons? With scripts you can, but I never tried. But regardless, do the user synonyms get recognized immediately during lessons? :eyes: Or is it that only the WK given meaning is the acceptable answer until you’re doing reviews?

That’s literally what I’m asking in the OP.

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Yep, you are right. In lessons, user synonyms are not loaded, so you cannot use them if you e.g. reset or if you set the synonym through the item page before learning it.
I reported this to the team a long time ago, and they said they would look into loading synonyms as well during lessons, but nothing happened so far :woman_shrugging:

There used to be a script where you can add a synonym during lessons, and that synonym would then be available during the lesson quiz, but I think that script is now dysfunctional with all the updates…


The newest version of this script still works:

It also changes the lesson quiz behavior to accept your user synonyms. The only thing currently not working is showing the User Synonyms section during the lesson quiz when compatibility mode is disabled, because I have not yet released the WK Item Info Injector update that works with the new accordion UI (I want to test it a bit more before releasing it).


Oh thanks, that’s super useful to know!


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