Add User Synonyms while Learning

Hello Wanikani Team,
I really enjoy this website and I’ve been studying since a month now in english, but recently discovered that I can add user synonyms as well. So I went through the 5 levels and added german translations/synonyms, so I could do my vocabulary in my primary language.
The problem is, when I learn new stuff, it gives me no option to put in synonyms right away through lessons. So I have to either look the learned stuff up manually afterwards or wait for my reviews for these and remember to first put in the english meaning once to then add my user synonyms. The second method leads to me failing far more often in my reviews because I forget that I didn’t add that meaning yet. And the first is just tedious.

So my question is: Could you add the little “add user synonyms” button even in the lessons and not only in the reviews? I think it would make stuff way more easy for me and other non-native english speakers as well.

Thanks in advance,
Anton - ambitious Level 6 :grin:


The WaniKani team is currently reworking the lesson/review pages from a technology perspective (no functional changes overall), but I believe they said they’d add lesson synonyms in while they’re working on those pages. Of course, I have no idea when those changes would be launched. In the meantime, here’s a userscript to allow this if you’re interested.


Thank you very much, this was exactly what I was looking for

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