About the vocab

Hello, I just wanted to ask “How do you deal with vocab?”

As for me, as soon as I pass a level, I use the reorder script to only do the vocabs of the level I was on. Then, when I’m done with the vocab of it, I do the vocab of the level I am currently on to get the vocab number a bit down.

But doing this gives me a ton of reviews and it slows me down in leveling up.

I don’t think it’s the best method for someone who wants to pass less than 30 days on the same level.

I would really appreciate it if you could share your method because it could help a lot.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I use the re-order script to do Radical, Kanji and Vocab sequentially, and I don’t it all in one go, but…

If I have 200 reviews, I try to finish exactly 33% of the progress bar (by opening 2 extra tabs on Safari). Don’t stop even if you have completed all the Kanji, you have to do some vocab as well, and don’t fear the vocab.

Sometimes, I try to do exactly 50%… Well, just to make use you don’t have any free days with too few reviews. Nor should you stop doing the vocab because you think they are too hard.

Furthermore, I tried not to do WaniKani too frequently (more than 1-2 times a day).

The other way is to use the wrap-up button, I think. I have never used this one.

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I take it slow and steady. Even doing 10 lessons a day (I try to hit 1 radical + 2 kanji + 2 vocab per 5 lessons, 2 kanji + 3 vocab when I run out of radicals), you’d finish each level in less then a month. This keeps new kanji to four a day, which I seem to be able to retain. The vocab generally graduates pretty quickly since they’re mostly reinforcing things I already know (except for the occasional weird reading or nonsense meaning)

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Thank you both for your answers! It indeed seems better than mine so I will try that :slight_smile:

Your method goes clearly against leveling up quickly… It does not mean that it is bad, it depends on what you are looking for :wink:
I actually want to be done with WK in less than 2 years, having learnt all vocabs and kanji. So when I level up, I use the reorder script to learn radical first. Then I do about 20-30 lessons per day, so that I do not get too many items in my review pile at once and I also make sure that my lesson count goes down to 0 before I level up again (I don’t want to get lesson backlog!). And I try to do all my reviews at least once a day. By doing this, I level up every 10 days or so.
But again, if you prioritize to learn vocab first, your method is just fine :slight_smile:


20* lessons in the morning, 20* in the evening. In each 20, half are current level radicals and kanji, and half are previous level vocab. This allows me to level up in about 5 days for the shorter levels, which is plenty fast enough for me.
For levels before 45, I think I reordered to do radicals first, then did the 20 kanji and previous level vocab lessons. Also, for the mid-level lesson unlock, I do kanji first.
This is great because you still level up quickly, but you don’t have to learn lots at once or deal with long review sessions. Usually all the previous vocab will be done by mid-level unlock, but if not, they get priority over current level vocab.
Learning the vocab around the same time as the kanji is a massive help to remembering both the kanji and the vocab themselves.

*I also use the Ultimate Timeline, so if I see that in 4 hours there are loads of reviews coming, I may choose to only do 10 or 15 lessons instead of the 20.

Hope that makes sense.

Oh, I will also add I have to do at least two review sessions per day (usually about 4-6 small ones), making use of my phone app (Mobile Allicrab). Also, having ~150-200 reviews a day is normal.
With smaller review sessions, they can take only 5 or 10 minutes, but if I double the number of reviews I need to do, the time it takes more than doubles because I get bored/distracted/rushed to do something else/etc.

I’ve been doing around 20-30 lessons/day. I’ll reorder to radicals > kanji > vocab, and usually clear most of the vocab from the previous level before I finish the current one. Since most levels are ~120 vocab + ~40 kanji at first it’s only like 23 items/day average to clear everything in a week for fast leveling.

Edit: Also, vocab is totally the best part :heart: