Ability to add additional definitions of words

Can we please have the ability to add additional meanings to words?

I’ve come across it many times, but recently have come across it when looking at 以上
WaniKani is not the only place I study Japanese, and its very frustrating to have my SRS punished because I use a valid meaning that is not stored as a ‘correct’ meaning on the site.

In this case the meaning I’m using is “not less than” which is completely acceptable for 以上 however there is no way for me to make that an acceptable answer, and rather then further reinforcing knowledge I already know, I’m instead forced to forget the meaning in order to remember the set of ‘correct’ meanings WaniKani provides.

I love your service but this has been bugging me since I first started using it, and for this particular meaning its very egregious as it was one of the first definitions I learned early on in my journey.

You can add user synonyms under the item’s page, or info when you get it wrong.



And this allows you to get the word correct if you type in that meaning?
If so thank you for showing me that Cr.


Yes, adding a user synonym treats it as a correct answer.


Thank you very much.

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Yes, assuming the word/phrase string you use for the user synonym is not on the block list. If it is, a user synonym will not be accepted as a correct answer even though you are able to add it.


Unfortunately I don’t think you can add it at the lesson stage though, you have to wait until your first real review. Which is a bit of a shame? and might be a useful addition.


You can go to the page for that item and add it there before the reviews. But I agree that letting you do so in the lesson would be a bit more convenient.


You heard em shitsureishimasu!
(no idea what it means :face_holding_back_tears: I thought the 失 was や lol)

Literally it means “I do rudeness”, but more means “I beg your pardon”.

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Oh I beg your pardon is quite nice, thanks :D

There is a userscript for this:


I just read through your guide and extension. Thank you very much for making it available (and for replying here so that I saw it)! Will be sure to use it throughout my time here.

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