A WaniKani Daily Discord Bot

So, I’ve been using Duolingo a lot recently to strengthen my reading skills, and before you stop me, I am aware it’s not great for actual learning, but it is helping me read faster. I find that the Duolingo streak is what really keeps me coming back day after day. I really wanted the same for WaniKani, so I made a Discord bot.

I’ve seen a few other “daily” WK Discord bots out there, although I haven’t found any that track your streak as well as showing you how many lessons/reviews you completed each day.

My bot lets you register to receive updates in as many channels as you want, or just in a DM if you share a server with the bot. You simply run /register <api_token> in the channel you wish to receive daily updates in. Note that since my bot uses Discord slash commands, your message containing your API token will not be shared with anyone else in that channel. If you’re particularly concerned, you can also register in a DM first, then simply run /register in any other channel. /unregister will disable your daily updates in the current channel. There are additional commands including setting a time to send updates, and a light/dark theme that can be found here.

Here is an example of what a daily update looks like:

yes the flame icon is shamelessly stolen from Duolingo

If you’d like to start using this now, you can add the bot to your server!

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please pop them below or make an issue on the GitHub repo. If you’re worried about sharing your API key with an unknown party, you can always host this bot yourself. The code is all open-source and under the MIT license so you are welcome to use it to make your own version.


@KyokaJiro pretty please with a cherry on top?


Thanks for creating the bot @Benpai san :slight_smile:

@DIO-Berry Added the bot and a new channel specifically for the updates. You can try running the commands in that wanikani-progress channel, danchou.


Thank you!