A recommended addition for 子 and 様

This will be a bit of a change of pace from the rather large changes typically proposed, but its something I feel would help nonetheless.

In short, my proposal is to add 様子 as a vocabulary word on this site. There are three things that adding this word will do:

  • Teach the す reading of 子
  • Teach the よう reading of 様
  • Do the first two things using a very common word as early as level 13

So why is it important that it teaches the す reading? Well, currently there are only two words that teach the す reading on here, and the earliest comes at level 46(椅子). Firstly I feel like 46 is a bit far down the road to be just then learning a word that uses the す reading, seeing as 子 is a level 2 kanji. I would expect most people to have forgotten that reading by the time they get there, assuming they didn’t only learn し in the first place. If you read any decent amount, you are certain to come across 椅子 before learning it one here, so learning 様子 can better help prepare you for that.

Why is it important to know 様 can be read as よう? Its usually さま anyways, right? Not at all in my experience. Between 様子, 一様, 同様, 様式, and the few times I have come across ように and whatnot written using 様, I would say よう is equally if not more common. Well, currently there is one word that teaches you the よう reading and its level is 25. I have no complaints about that, but I feel like the よう reading deserves a bit more recognition than just one word on here. 様子 would be presented quite a few levels before 模様, which is a good thing, and would only serve to make the よう reading more memorable.

So hopefully I have convinced you that maybe the よう and す reading of their respective kanji could maybe get a little more recognition. If I have, then I will restate what I have said a few times now: 様子 can do that from an early level and is a pretty common word.

Despite the fact that this word would be added with the purpose of remembering useful kanji readings earlier/with more reinforcement, I still expect people to only read the part where I ask for a word to be added and complain that this isn’t a vocabulary learning site. If you aren’t one of those people, please let me know what you think, good or bad. This is quite a long post for just one item being added, but I wanted to get my point across. It wont bring any new readings to the table, but I still think it will be a help despite being a single word.


…not even 2 minutes after reading this post, I went back to doing my lessons and I came across it in the first context sentence I read (for 蒙古)


Is this the Crabigator trying to tell us something? Or the Durtle Overlord? And I have been chosen as their vessel to deliver this message to you, whatever the meaning may be?


Literally all the proof needed. You must be the crabigator prophet.


I agree. I seened this one many a time in book. It are muchly a good one. Also, I really like the sheep in the water near a tree kanji so why not add another word with it in it…


How many years of research did you need to create this post?

Sending an email to the team works wonders for this, I’ve heard.


Yeah, its a personal favorite right behind the measuring alcohol with a nailbat and cleat kanji.

Those are the official names, right?

How many is a decade? Also if I koichi and the gang don’t see this post, I probably will. I just wanted to make myself open to verbal abuse from the community in case this was a dumb idea.


Y-you;re a dumb idea!

Makes sense to me

Me being a dumb idea or adding 様子?



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I’ve been collecting a list of common words with missing kanji readings and 様子 was one of the first ones added. Maybe it’s time to post it.


Can I be part of the prophet club, @MissMisc ?

Dont want to get banned for the background on the second one so ill just post log

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