A Question Regarding the Mnemonic for 里心

In the lesson for ‘homesick’, the following context sentence is given:

This puppy may be crying because he is homesick, but who cares?

When I typed 「こいぬ」into my IME (I’m using a Chromebook, if it matters), 仔犬 was the second result, behind what I expected the kanji to be, 子犬. So, is 仔 considered a reasonable substitute for 子? Does it have some sort of limit, like it can’t be used in 子供, or is limited to jukugo words, or something like that?

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It seems that 仔 is mainly used for animals


Also, it looks like other words like 仔牛、仔羊、子猫 can use this kanji too. It’s funny the word isn’t in wanikani though right? I don’t think it can be used for humans.

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I think it’s funny how the child kanji with the person radical is the one that refers to animals :slight_smile:


That hadn’t even occurred to me lol.
Also this post card is a cute dramatic use of 仔供


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